kcachegrind, KDE, Gnome

Because of problems I had with memory leaks in some programs I wrote,
people advised me to try out valgrind. I wasn't able to get it to work
on my RH 7.1 system for a long time and instead systematically went through
my program and plugged all the leaks I could find, which worked. Then I
wrote more code and now I seem to have more leaks and they seem to be
harder to find. The program is now reasonably large and I need an alternative
to going through the entire code again. So, I was motivated to try again
to get valgrind 2.0.0 to work on my machine. It turned out that the problem
I was having with valgrind is the first problem mentioned in FAQ.txt and
the solution recommended there worked. So, now I'm enthusiastically reading
the valgrind documentation. One of the things mentioned in it is a graphical
complement to the valgrind skin cachegrind, named kcachegrind, allegedly
available from
and which runs as a KDE application.

I'm running Gnome on the machine that I plan to use valgrind on. I just took
a look at the website for kcachegrind and there doesn't seem to be a Gnome
version. I don't like to mess with desktops since I find it hard enough just
to use them and since in the past I've found that software that runs under
one desktop doesn't necessarily run under another one. I vaguely recall not
being able to use emacs when I tried to switch desktops. It was a long time
ago but I think the login window gave me the option of selecting a different
desktop and I tried it, whereupon I discovered that things didn't work.

Anyway, what is the most painless method of making the KDE environment
available to me without forever giving up Gnome? And is there an alternative
to kcachegrind that works under Gnome?
Allan Adler <ara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* Disclaimer: I am a guest and *not* a member of the MIT CSAIL. My actions and
* comments do not reflect in any way on MIT. Also, I am nowhere near Boston.