Re: How to find out the current version of Linux + softwrae from COMMAND LINE ??

patmin@xxxxxxxxxxx (Patricia Mindanao) writes:
Assume a Linux system where I have ONLY command line access (e.g. through telnet).

How can I find out which Linux version is currently installed (Linux, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian,....)
and which release number?

There is usually a file in the /etc directory which gives most of this
information. There is, however, no consistent filename.

try: more /etc/*version*
or: more /etc/*issue*
or even: uname -a

As for mail programs, then you probably need to look at the output
of 'ps aux'.

But the main question, of course, is *why* you need this infomation.
It's not as easy to set up linux spam zombies as Windows spam zombies.

Once, they feared you. Then they matched you. Now they are laughing
at you. Soon they will ignore you. You have lost.

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