Re: How to find out the current version of Linux + softwrae from COMMAND LINE ??

patmin@xxxxxxxxxxx (Patricia Mindanao) writes:
Assume a Linux system where I have ONLY command line access (e.g. through telnet).

How can I find out which Linux version is currently installed (Linux, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian,....)
and which release number?

There is usually a file in the /etc directory which gives most of this
information. There is, however, no consistent filename.

try: more /etc/*version*
or: more /etc/*issue*
or even: uname -a

As for mail programs, then you probably need to look at the output
of 'ps aux'.

But the main question, of course, is *why* you need this infomation.
It's not as easy to set up linux spam zombies as Windows spam zombies.

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