Re: external disk for booting linux: which technology

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- SCSI (is dead, right?

SCA (Single Connector Attachment) SCSI is still wildly popular
on servers. Check out the high end Dell servers, for example.
80 pins to 68 pin adapters are widely available.

Here are your choices:
eSATA SATA 300 PATA 133 FireWire 800
Speed (Mbit/s) 2400 2400 1064 786
Cable length (m) 2 1 0.46 4.5
External Power? Yes Yes Yes No

FireWire 400 USB 2.0 SCA/U320 SCSI
Speed (Mbit/s) 400 480 2560
Cable length (m) 4.5 5 12
External Power? No See Note Yes

Note: USB hasc enough power to handle low-power laptop drives,
but not the typical overheated desktop drive.

Besides, don't 5" drives' spin-the-platters motors use 12V and USB only
provides 5V? Yes it can be converted, but still...

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