Re: Spinlock lockup on boot

Simen Martinussen writes:

try to go and grab the last kernel RPM you were running on FC5, and
manually install it with rpm (using the --oldpackage flag), then try to

I tried using the approach you recommended, with little success. I tried
to install the kernel using yum, but it didn't work. It simply didn't do

No, you did not try the approach I recommended. I didn't say anything about yum. You should've used the rpm command directly.

Actually, most programs didn't do anything. I then tried
"upgrading" from FC6 to FC5, but something went horribly wrong and I
couldn't make X work.

Yes, you cannot "upgrade" like that. This will never work.

Most programs now produced a segmentation fault. I
decided to simply reinstall FC5, and things pretty much work as they
should. Thanks for the help!

Useful trick to keep in mind for the future:

When you decide to chance upgrading FC5 to FC7, whenever it comes out, hoping that your kernel bug got fixed, before doing the upgrade grab the copy of the rpm file for the kernel and save it. Then, if you run into the same situation, boot the installer, go into rescue mode, chroot, then do "rpm -i --oldpackage" to install the old kernel.

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