Re: http_get()?

John-Paul Stewart wrote:

Ron Hardin wrote:
John-Paul Stewart wrote:
"Letting Windows actually do it" is why this question is off-topic here,
IMHO. It doesn't matter that "Cygwin tries to look as much like Linux
as possible". Fact is, Windows is under the hood. So any question
about Cygwin is likely to involve Windows' idiosyncrasies and really
ought to be asked in a forum where people are more familiar with those
things...IOW a Cygwin forum.

My Ubuntu also links successfully to a http_get() call, so it's something
that Cygwin is just reproducing.

It's some non-standard library (or library extension). Can you provide
sample code, and a example of how you built it?

Here (Debian/testing) I get the expected "unresolved symbol" error on a
simple test case that calls http_get().

You're right. The compiler optimized the call out

which I think, strictly speaking, is incorrect; anyway something like

produces an error for too many arguments, so it's sort of guaranteeing
that the unreachable code is acceptable, you'd think.

Ron Hardin

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