Re: how to automatically run a script each day?

On 2007-01-11, Shawn <shaw@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I want to run a script everyday. I heard of cron. But the problem is
(1)It seems it needs root permission, which is impossible for me to get
it, because the administrative people in the company will not give that
to me.

What needs root permission? If the program you need to run requires
root, but you can't get root, then you're hosed. If cron has been
prohibited for regular users, then you need to ask your sysadmins if
they will grant you access to cron. If they won't do that, then you're
hosed (sorta).

I am wondering if there is any other ways to do it. It is just a simple
script which needs to be run every day. I hate to do it by myself manually.

You can write a wrapper script which runs your script, sleeps for 24
hours, then loops back. But your sysadmins might not like that, either.


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