Re: Generate m4 dependencies

Dima wrote:
Dan Espen wrote:
"Dima" <dimsol@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Probably I was not clear enough.

I'm looking something similar to -M flag of gcc which returns all
header files which are included in compiled file.
This list can be used later in makefile as dependency.

m4 have also "include" directive which resembles C #include. Is
there're something similar to "gcc -M" for m4?
I don't think there are too many people that have used m4
to the extent that they need a tool for dependencies.

Have you looked at turning on the m4 trace and parsing that?
You could modify m4 or get a copy of makedepend and modify
it to handle m4.


There's an option to invoke m4 in debug mode. In the mode all included
files are printed. So it indeed possible to filter out from it all
included files.

I just thought that there's a better way and not to invent the wheel


What would happen if you ran the m4 code through the gcc compiler? You might
get that to work, especially if you could turn off further passes in the
compiler. Maybe running cpp alone would be enough, but I never tried
anything like this.

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