Re: quick question - downloaded linux app

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dhm_at_best_dot_...@xxxxxxxxx writes:
I am trying to do a favor for an old fogie writer friend who is
migrating to Linspire linux away from windoze.

He's so happy that the Linspire package includes the OpenOffice Writer
(in the OpenOffice suite monstrosity), that I decided to download the
much nicer, smaller abiword for linux to give to him on a cd.

Here is my question - When it downloaded it onto my mac, it became
something like a textfile ''.

Isn't Linspire the distro that comes with a package repository
that you pay for?

If so, there should be some kind of GUI that will install abiword.

Could be. Open Office comes bundled with Linspire, which he bought at
Fry's on their salesman's recommendation. The old guy recluses
himself in his room with his computer. I merely put the CDs that I
cut for him on the table next to his door, along with the web pages
that address his questions.

Today I gave him the windoze versions of abi and Ooo on a separate cd,
figuring it might take him another year to figure out how to install
his new Linux package before he discovers a printer driver/software
problem or a virtual memory problem.

Linspire has a wiki page -