Script traceroute to accespt multiple addresses via command line

Hi everybody -
I have a networking assignment that has a twist that I am having
trouble with. The assignment is to write a bash script that will run
ping and traceroute on a "set of urls" and output certain extracted
data to a text file. I do not need help with the traceroute/ping/
output part of the script, but I do not have enough Linux knowledge to
get the script to accept multiple arguments for a command like
traceroute that really only wants one address at a time.

The question does say that the user should be able to enter any number
of addresses on the command line, so it would look like:

paul@xxx> address1 address2 address3 etc etc

I am thinking that this calls for an array but I frankly have no idea
how to manipulate arrays via shellscript. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. I am not asking for people to do my homework for me; I
simply would like some guidance in getting a script like the one
described to accept multiple arguments. If there's a website that has
some fairly dumbed down array (or other, if I am wrong about this)
tutorials, that would be great.

Any and all help appreciated,