Re: convert .doc to .pdf on linux

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Jistan Idiot wrote:
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If they are fine at 400% resolution, it is a problem with Adobe Acrobat
rendering. I assume they print out OK.

I'm not sure. Not only does acroread render it wrong at 100%, so does
xpdf from I don't know enough about PDFs to even guess
what exactly the problem is.

I'd guess that the problematic check boxes are drawn with too fine a
line width. If the PDF viewing software determines that a line
corresponds to a 1/2 pixel or less, it won't draw the line. The problem
is not from the .doc to PDF conversion. (I've seen it happen many
times, exactly as you describe.) The best thing to do would be to draw
with thicker lines, if you really need PDFs.

Ok so how do I draw the lines thicker? As far as I can tell you can't
change how the checkbox looks except for size. However the size has
no effect on the thickness of the lines. :( Is there some option to
make the PDF draw all lines a certain thickness?

Perhaps there might be some way to make xpdf render the
lines even if they are less than 1/2 pixel wide. With
source code, anything should be possible--at least in

Robert Riches
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