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So anyway, it was like, 12:10 CET Mar 23 2007, you know? Oh, and, yeah,
John Taylor was all like, "Dude,
The Natural Philosopher wrote:
John Taylor wrote:
Dances With Crows wrote:
grubbsy@xxxxxxxxx staggered into the Black Sun and said:

Is there a program in Linux like "Remote Desktop Connection" in

rdesktop is the equivalent to the 'Doze "Remote Desktop" client.

I want to be able to [control] the [Linux] computer in my room
when I am at home. I can do this with Windows, but is there a
way I can do it with Linux?

KDE Desktop Sharing and/or x11vnc for your machine at home,
then use any VNC client at the remote site. This has the normal
problems associated with VNC, but it's a hell of a lot easier
than trying to get anything else working. HTH,

Don't need any of that stuff - just use X like it was intended.

You can use xdm/gdm/kdm to get a complete desktop on your local
PC, or you can just login to the remote PC using ssh, and have it
display any apps on your local PC. Much easier than VNC etc..


This is all assuming the machine you want to connect to, IS Linux
and not windoze..

He said it was:

I want to be able to [control] the [Linux] computer in my room

The words in brackets are the interpretation provided by the person
who quoted the OP, not the OP's words.

Even if I sort of agree with the assumption, it's not absolutely clear
from the OP if he wants to remotely control a linux pc or use a linux
pc to control another, unspecified one.

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