Re: simple zip via cron problem

robert wrote:

Hi all, allow the example to explain. This works:

cd /usr/local/builds/checkout/at_branch1/applications/AlphaTheoryWeb/
zip -r /tmp/ *
adding: com/ (stored 0%)

The problem: I can't change to a dir in a script running via cron - at
least it didn't seem to work. If I run this script:


/usr/bin/zip -r /tmp/ /usr/local/builds/checkout/at_branch1/


I get:
adding: usr/local/builds/checkout/at_branch1/applications/

I don't want 'usr/local/builds/checkout/at_branch1/applications/
AlphaTheoryWeb/src/java/' part of the filenames , just com and below .
I did man zip , and after trying -j and -i I can't get the effect I
want. Any ideas ?

What's wrong with


cd /usr/local/builds/checkout/at_branch1/applications/AlphaTheoryWeb/src/java
/usr/bin/zip -r /tmp/ *


You should be able to cd to the directory. If this doesn't work then send us the error message you get.

Good luck,



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