Re: How to create scrolling text

On Tue, 27 Mar 2007 14:29:14 -0700, Vilmos Soti wrote this:


Anybody know how to create a movie with scrolling text? I don't need any
fancy features like bold, justifications, different indents, etc.. All I
need is maybe some line breaks and empty lines.

I would highly prefer something scriptable, (in other words I am not a GUI
fan) where I need to give only two parameters: The textfile with the text,
and the dimensions of the movie.

Right now I have an incredibly convoluted homebrew solution, but
unfortunately it has its limits.

Thanks, Vilmos

I'm experimenting with adding subtitles to a DVD. I didn't create the
subtitles but
mencoder -sub <subtitle text> -o an.mpeg ~/videos

spumux -P title.sub -m DVD < an.mpeg > andwithtitles.mpeg

How one constructs a sub or file looks tiresome.

$ less
00:01:12,767 --> 00:01:15,851
<i>some text stuff goes here to but don't know about timing</i>

00:01:15,851 --> 00:01:18,352
<i>don't know anything about timing</i>