Re: Which processes are using swap/ RHEL4?

On Apr 3, 12:29 pm, John Murtari <jmurt...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm a fairly experienced Linux admin and we run a
bunch of RHEL 4 Servers. The machines are equipped with
abundant memory and we hardly ever see swap usage. Recently
we have had a couple of incidents where we suddently went
about 2 gigs into swap. System monitors alerted us and we
ran a series of ps and top commands looking at process memory
and nothing accounted for the usage. We also shut down and
restarted most of the services on the machine and it appeared
to make no difference. About an hour later, the swap suddenly
recovered and none was being used.

I'd welcome any suggestions to how we could better
monitor this and account for the usage. Thanks.


Are these production machines? Can you/do you have similiar machines
running in a QA or Dev (whatever, just non-prod) environment? I'd
hate to do this on a production machine, but maybe you can setup a
cron job with SAR, and monitor memory usage every couple of minutes,
or whatever you need it to do.




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