Re: Backtrack not booting after installing with windows xp

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 07:41:15 -0700, Nemisis wrote:

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this forum, so would like to say hello to
everyone, hope u r all well.

I have got a machine with WindowsXP installed (sorry for swearing
lol), and i want BackTrack 2.0 installed as well, so i can boot

I installed partition magic on my windows installation, and split the
drive so i now have my windows partition (100gb), linux ext3 partition
(10gb), linux swap (1gb).

I have booted the backtrack live cd, and gone into the installer
program. The first option i chose \boot, second option \mnt\sda3 and
third \dev\sda. Everything seems to install, but when i shutdown and
reboot, my installation just opens windowsXp.

I dont get any boot loader asking which system i want to boot.

I am very new to linux so please explain your answers, thanks in

Caveat: I am not using Backtrack.

The best boot loader for dual booting, IMO, is the grub loader. Setting
up for dual booting it is very well documented here:

Also, IMO, time learning about the boot loader is a good time investment,
especially when working with dual boot systems. Time spent learning now
could really save you time and trouble in the long run.

Regardless of which loader is used by backtrack by default, you should be
able to use the grub loader instead. This is because grub is not tied to
any specific GNU/Linux distribution. It can be thought of as a mini,
self-contained OS whose job is to load other OSs. I have a grub boot cd
available, if you want to try it out with minimal effort.

Setting up a dual boot system relies on the user knowing what they're
doing to some extent. For example, being able to point to their free
partition, if nothing else. Be careful when making changes to the
bootloader, and partitions. It is always a good idea to make backups
before starting to maintain a good fallback position and to avoid data
loss, etc.

Douglas Mayne