Re: Which distro for out of the box for good multimedia support

Michael Heiming wrote:

Those are a few commands you can copy&paste from one of the
numerous FC howto (Ie.:)

I forgot to add, I do not have internet connection at home :( So I
cannot download stuff at my home computer, where I intend to install
Linux. I can, of course, download it elsewhere and carry it home, and
burn it to CD. But the hassle is to do all that config stuff after
every format. Maybe I will format the PC every 2 months, maybe every

Do I need to have an Internet connection while installing libs and
codecs for AV files? If Redhat provided the stuff on the DVD, there
would have been no problem for them to include multimedia support
during the installation process itself. I think you would need to be
connected. Otherwise, it would be very strange on RedHats part to
stuff AV libs/codecs/apps in the DVD, but not let you include it in
installation process.



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