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a) MP3 is a proprietary patented format at least in the USA and the
holders do NOT allow people to use the patent for encoding via mp3.

You'd better tell that to the authors of the ISO standard, and e.g. and

Unruh, you make far, far too many statements in these newsgroups that you
represent as fact, when the only fact is that your statements are downright

This part seems to be important:

Additionally, patent holders declined to enforce license fees on open
source decoders, allowing many free MP3 decoders to develop.[citation
needed] Furthermore, while attempts have been made to discourage
distribution of encoder binaries, Thomson has stated that individuals
using free MP3 encoders are not required to pay fees

So, downloading and using Lame is unlikely to get an individual user
in trouble. But including Lame in a distro or using Lame in a commercial
enterprise might get someone in trouble.

I think. I'm no lawyer.

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