Re: Convert wma to mp3?

On a similar note, is AAC(HE-AAC,mp4) patentend in a similar manner,
restricting people from encoding/decoding without paying for patent? I
found 3 paragraphs about this in wikipedia(
wiki/Advanced_Audio_Coding#Licensing_and_patents) and I find all the 3
paragraphs dis-agree each other. I want to encode my music to AAC,
anyone know of these patent issues?

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Is there a linux app that will convert wma files to mp3?

a) MP3 is a proprietary patented format at least in the USA and the
holders do NOT allow people to use the patent for encoding via mp3. That
was one of the key reasons why OggVobis encoding was developed.
Thus if you are in one of ht ecountries where mp3 is patented, you would be
violating their patent and in particular the distributions would be
violating the patent by distributing code which did that without paying the
requested patent fee.

b) That being said, people living in countries where mp3 is not patented
have developed mp3 encoding software-- the one I know of is called lame.
(Lame Ain't MP3 Encoder)
No distribution can distribute it-- see above. But people have placed it
onto databases in countries where the patent does not apply. YOur using
that software in a country where the patent does apply may make you liable
to a patent infringement suit or even criminal prosecution in places where
patent infringement is a criminal act. Of course they have to first
discover that you did it first. Now that you have published your desire to
do so on the internet where all 8 billion people in the world can see that
you have that desire, that discovery may not be hard, or it may be.