Re: can not delete empty files

joelbrunetti@xxxxxxxxx staggered into the Black Sun and said:
There are 4 files on my drive that I can not delete. I am running on
amd64 and the filesystem in question is XFS.
[ls -l]
?--------- ? ? ? ? ? stvs6ep07.avi

Anytime you see "?" in the first column of an ls -l, you have Problems.
The stat() syscall returns a bunch of well-defined values in st_mode for
normal files. If it returns values that are not in spec for st_mode,
you see ?s in ls -l's output, and you have filesystem problems. umount
the filesystem and run xfs.fsck (or whatever they call it) and hope it
works. If not, hope your backups are current.

joel@jupiter:~/.Trash/voyagers6$ rm stvs6ep07.r00
rm: cannot remove `stvs6ep07.r00': No such file or directory

....aye, filesystem problems. umount and fsck.

I am going to again run xfs_check to see if it can correct the

If it didn't work before, what makes you think it'll work again?

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