Re: can not delete empty files

On Sun, 06 May 2007, joelbrunetti wrote:

I am running on amd64 and the filesystem in question is XFS.

I agree with Dances With Crows that this is a file system problem.

The Gentoo handbook, which I think has useful information about file
systems, has this to say about XFS:

XFS is a filesystem with metadata journaling which comes with a robust
feature-set and is optimized for scalability. We only recommend using this
filesystem on Linux systems with high-end SCSI and/or fibre channel
storage and an uninterruptible power supply. Because XFS aggressively
caches in-transit data in RAM, improperly designed programs (those that
don't take proper precautions when writing files to disk and there are
quite a few of them) can lose a good deal of data if the system goes down

I think that ext3 is the best choice for most users.

Yves Bellefeuille