black bars on monitor, refresh issues (I think)


I've got a hw191d hanns-g monitor connected by vga to my laptop. I
have an intel embedded graphics (i810 driver).

On the highest resolution (1440 x 900), no matter what I set
horizontal and vertical refresh in my xorg.conf, it is always stuck at
(according to my monitor) H:51.3khz V:53.5hz. Xrandr incorrectly
reports a refresh rate of 60.

Additonally, black bars are present on the side of the monitor (where
the desktop real estate doesn't stretch to cover). I can change the
clock and phase to cover more of it, but never all of it.

On windows, and according to the manual for my monitor it supports H:
70.635 khz and V: 75 hz.

Has anyone else had problems with this monitor or this driver? I'd
like to be able to use all of my screen real estate on linux...