Re: security on linux

General Schvantzkoph <schvantzkoph@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

On Sun, 13 May 2007 16:05:21 -0400, Randy Yates wrote:

Hi Folks,

A recent poster's queries on security have made me question how secure
my system is.

Let's assume that physical access to the system is controlled and that
the only way to access the system is through the internet.

I'm using FC6. Using a reasonable modicum of common sense. For example,
I'm using a router as a firewall and only selectively allowing the ports
I want to public access. Also, I restrict my ssh connections to a
specific port and username.

How difficult would it be to gain user-level (not root) access? Try
rating on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 is the data is served publicly
(i.e., no effort required) and 100 is knowledge at the bleeding edge of
security and a significant amount of resources, say, a few 10's of
thousands of dollars), were required.

What's the security on this scale of a well-maintained FC6 system? My
gut tells me it is something on the order of 25, but that's just a WAG.

You shouldn't allow password access to ssh, you should always require RSA
authentication. Passwords can be guessed, public keys can't. As long as
ssh is the only publicly available service, and you require RSA
authentication then you should be safe.

Thanks for the tip!
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