Re: Program that makes pictures viewable on the surface of CD/DVD

On May 23, 7:45 am, Oliver Bandel <oli...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

it's a while ao that I read about it, and so I
forgot the name.

I'm looking for a program, that creates disk images
in a way, that when this image is burned to the CD or DVD,
on the CD/DVD itself one can see a picture.

So, for example you photograph your cat, and the program
makes your CD/DVD showing the picture on the surface of
the disk.
Or you create a picture with markers for a clock,
and then you can use the CD/DVD as background of a
well-designed clock.

What is the name of this program?

I want to use it.
Maybe some funny birthday presents can be made with it ;-)


It's DiscT@2, which is a proprietary patented feature in old Yamaha CD
drives. Similar things are LabelFlash and LightScribe although they
don't use the data side of the CD. It isn't just a program or
driver. Here is the Yamaha explanation <http://>. There might be
some program which lets you simulate the hardware at a crude level,
however I can't seem to find anything.

Googling for any combination of image, cd, data disc, data layer, etc.
doesn't help because image is something that's commonly stored on
CDs. Usually it's more help, but now, nothing.

Al Phi