Re: toshiba satellite pro p25 - which distro?

Baron Samedi <Papa.Legba.666@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't have a ton of experience with these, but I
received one in the mail this afternoon, roughly 8 hours

As far as which distribution, *any* of them will do. It
also appears that virtually any of them will probably
work right out of the box too. Choose the distro that
you can work with the easiest, and then figure out how
that particular one needs to be massaged for the laptop.

Most important is support for the Atehros wifi card (WEP)

The madwifi driver is apparently the one that works the

I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm putting Slackware on
it, and have been downloading the latest, so it hasn't
been tried yet. I did use a Ubuntu 6.0 live CD as a
"rescue disk" to get an older version of Slack loaded,
and that disk fired up the wifi by default without
trouble. Everything I've read says it works well. It
is probably included in every distribution, and if not
it is guaranteed easy to add.

Next, the NVIDIA graphics card

Same as with the WIFI. In this case I haven't looked at
nVidia X drivers for quite some time, but last I knew
there was a proprietary driver from nVidia and another
supplied by Xorg. I don't know if that is still true,
and it doesn't make a lot of difference. Use google to
find out what others have used with the current
distributions of X.

I am expecting that in the next couple days I'll have
mine set up with two different X configurations. One
will be for just the laptop monitor, the other will
handle two monitors when a CRT is plugged into the VGA
connector on the back. I happen to commonly use a
laptop at three different places where I have the same
model CRT's sitting there handy to use. It's great.
I'm not into gaming, so if there are still two drivers
I'll probably stick with the generic Free driver.

(Hmmm... a quite probeonly says I've got an NVidia FX
G05200 with 64Mb of RAM. The "nv" driver that came with
XFree86 in 2004 had no problem with it.)

Also nice would be NTFS writing stright out of the box without
miodding the kernel

This is going to be the first computer that I've ever
set up to run a Windows on. I don't know anything about
NTFS... yet. I'll worry about that later though...

Does anyone else use this laptop? Thanks

I did a google search and came up with lots of
interesting hits before I bought this particular laptop,
but I didn't spend much time reading any of it. Now
that it is here, I'll be up all night doing exactly

Here are a few web pages that I jotted down for future


I'm not sure if it came from one of those, but I also
copied the significant parts of an xorg.conf file from
somewhere. I thought it looked like a good place to
start, but certainly is not one I'd want to use as is
(it defined 6 or 8 different resolutions, and had modes
for every depth from 1 to 24!).

In a day or two I'll be able to give you more specific
details for the above.

So, the questions now are for you! What sort of
environment do you want? (I use Slackware, can't stand
drag & drop desktops, and want the closest thing to a
traditional unix environment that I can get. I do a lot
of photography, so things like GIMP will all be
installed ASAP.) Which distributions do you have
experience with; how much of a techie are you; how much
of Linux internals do you want to learn, or avoid? (The
significance is that I can help you a lot with Slackware,
but as soon as you fire up KDE or GNOME, you're out of
my league entirely.)

And, exactly which P25 do you have, and how is it
equipped? Mine is a refurbished P25-S5263, with a P4 at
3.0 GHz, 512Mb of RAM and an 80Gb ATA drive.

I'm looking at increasing the RAM with the largest
memory card it can use. I'm also going to try some odd
disk storage ideas, and expect to try an external hard
disk (either SATA or ATA, I'm not particular) that plugs
in with a USB2.0 adapter. The adapters are very
inexpensive, and I've got two different ones on the way.
If that turns out to be usable (I'm expecting "slow" to
be a good description), then I'm not going to change the
80GB hard disk, and will carry an external drive around.

Floyd L. Davidson <>
Ukpeagvik (Barrow, Alaska) floyd@xxxxxxxxxx

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