Re: Engineering Drawing

Ravi wrote:

Can you please suggest applicatio in gnu/linux which can be
used to make engineering drawings?

Assuming *mechanical* engineering drawings. (you need to tell us
these things when asking questions)...

For your own personal use, look into Pro/Engineer for Linux,
everything recommended in this thread, and everything that
is listed on
Please post the results of your investigation here.

If you plan on being hired, Get a PC with a quad-core processor
and 8GB+ of RAM, then buy VMWare Workstation and use it to run
Windows 2000 or XP on a virtual machine. Then start looking into
products such as AutoCAD, Slidworks, Solid Edge, etc, and look
into all products you see listed in engineering want ad job
descriptions. Alas, nobody is hiring Linux-only CAD operators.

Guy Macon