Re: Question about Red Hat Linux Enterprise

On 2007-09-07, Ignoramus7495 <ignoramus7495@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
2.6 million hits per month is not much, it works out to 1 hit per
second (on average, not considering peaks).

If the hits are simply served by not too large files (as opposed
to complicated computations), or simple database queries, any POS
computer from a dumpster, with Linux installed, ought to be able
to handle a few hits per second.

If the server which you're looking to replace is performing fine
running Apache and MySQL on top of Windows 2000, then any machine
with similar specs should be able to support your configuration on
top of Linux. In other words, any old upgrade should do; running
your web site on Linux shouldn't be more resource intensive than
running it on Windows 2000 was, if that's what you're wondering.

As for the particular Linux distribution, regular old RHEL will suit
you just fine. Advanced Platform is primarily about virtualization
and advanced clustering management facilities, which it sounds like
you aren't interested in.

As other authors have pointed out, when you buy Red Hat you're
really buying the support contract. And I do recommend Red Hat for
their quality of support, especially for companies just starting to
dip their toes in the penguin-infested waters. However, if you want
to use RHEL without paying for the support contract, there's a
number of unofficial repackaged Red Hat distros out there such as

Mark Shroyer