Re: Installing Fedora 6 on Windows XP with VMWare

On Mon, 31 Dec 2007 14:33:07 -0800 (PST), kimi <stever1998@xxxxxxxxx>

I'm not an expert at this, really a novice, just trying it out to get
more experience with Linux. I'm going to install Fedora 6 (RHEL) on a
Dell Dimesion 5000 running Windows XP. Having heard horror stories
about dual booting and repartioning hard drives, a co-worker suggested
that in order to not worry about partitioning, to install VMWare first
and then install Linux separately as a guest OS.

I've installed VMWare am trying to install Fedora 6 but it's asking
about partitioning types I should use:

-remove all partitions
-remove linux partitions
-use free space on selected drives
-create custom layout

If I choose all partitions, will it remove all partitions for my
entire harddrive or just the 8GB of harddrive space I allocated via
VMWare for Linux?

If you are doing the installation _within_ vmware, it will only
affect the virtual disk that you created. If you are actually
booting the installation CD on the bare hardware, that's another
matter entirely.

To ease your mind, use the "create custom layout" option and verify
that the drive it presents to you is the virtual one.

I have done just what you are trying and it works quite well.

William D Waddington
"Even bugs...are unexpected signposts on
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