Re: SCO ANSI terminal emulator for Linux?

On Sun, 03 Feb 2008 21:27:04 +0000, Roger Blake wrote:

In article <pan.2008.>, Dave Uhring
scoansi and scoansi-new are defined in /usr/share/terminfo/s/ on Debian

Wouldn't that be for running apps on a Linux system from a remote SCO
ANSI compatible terminal or workstation? (In other words,
terminfo/termcap tells your local *nix system what the remote's terminal
capabilities are -- it does not set the emulation on your local xterm.)

Or for use in a telnet or ssh session on a remote SCO machine. Have you
even tried using whatever terminal emulator in a remote session to the
SCO box and setting your TERM env to scoansi.

I don't have any SCO stuff anywhere so I can't possibly test that but you