Linux boot stops at GRUB.

I have a box with Fedora 8.
I just did a complete "yum update" and then reboot the system.
After POST, I get the word GRUB at the top left, and there it stops!

I used the Fedora 8 Rescue CD to load the system into /mnt/sysimage
and look at the /boot/grub/grub.conf.
Everything looks fine.
(It's not dual boot, but it does have two menu entries for two
The only real difference (other than the kernel versions) between
grub.conf and a backup from a year ago is in the kernel lines, the old
one has:
while the new one doesn't have the 12. I tried adding the 12, but it
still stalls at GRUB.
root (hd0,0) is the same on both.

Any ideas anyone?