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This question has possible been ask so many times before so let me
apologize first.

It's always worth searching the archives before posting (Google groups).

Things I need to have and do,this is more a list of software Im using
would need Linux of the same.

What's newsplex?

Would it be easy to import a Mysql data base made under windows.

The most tricky part to get right is the character mapping. IIRC the
default for Linux doesn't match the default for Windows. The other gotcha
is that mysql on Linux is case-sensitive by default, but on Windows it
isn't. Get that sorted and it's straightforward.

This may be a Apache question but can I still use asp under Apache.

I've not done it but I believe Chilli-ASP may help you here. Can anyone
else confirm?

If anyone has links to idiot guild for Linux and Apache also how to set

Try googling for "idiot's guide linux apache"

Thanks for the reply and the heads up on the mysq .

NewsPlex is a Usenet news-server multiplexer and explorer that works with
any news-reader.