Re: how to (r)sync group-ownerships?

Groups are represented by simple numbers. When you do a "ls -l" followed by
a "ls -ln" you'll get a clue.
The translation table from number to the names showed is /etc/group.
Another system may well have another /etc/group.
A analogy exists with SSIDs/RIDs in windows world.

Ok. Sorry I didnt put my questions clear in the first place.

My problem is:

After tar and retar some gids are wrong.

On the source-system the gid of a certain file was 101 and on the target-system its now 102. This happenend for a unknown number of files/directories. I've discoverered 4 such problems till now.

I'm looking for a way to set the gids on the targetsystem according to the source-system without transferring/updating the files itself (the content) cause its a huge number of files, a slow networkconnection and the files on the targetsystems already have been alterers.

/etc/passwd and /etc/groups are same on both systems and no nis/radius-server is in place.

There was a problem with gid when transferring the files and I need a cheap way to fix it.