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I want to write a C program that can read directories (say list them
as well).  I found out that we could use an API provided by dirent.h
header file, but I am not too keen on using the API.

?  opendir() and readdir() are how this is done in C.  They are not
insanely complex and there's a large amount of sample code that uses
those functions out there.  Read some of that sample code and understand
it, then use the concepts you learn.

I want to access it directly without any API.
This doesn't make any sense.  If you don't want an API, then why use

It is not clear what the OP wants.  Maybe the OP should explain better.
The other thing that he could be thinking about is open()ing the
directory itself.  This is not a good idea, because some programmers who
are more paranoid and dedicated than you have already written opendir()
and its friends, and Laziness is one of the virtues of a programmer.

Use dd(1) to read raw data from the disk and enjoy parsing binary
information, where you need the info in the *.h files.  Or use ls(1),
find(1) and other shell commands.

dd is probably the wrong tool for the job as well, since it refuses to
dump data if you do "dd if=somedir/ ..." .

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I wanted to write a small directory browser and at the same time
about how directories are being stored in the Gnu/Linux system. I
don't want myself and my knowledge of linux to be constrained just to
the APIs.
It is basically a project for learning and not anything more. But I
may turn it into something interesting if everything works well.
Thanks a lot for your replies.