Re: sound systems shipped with PC's...

Mike Fontenot wrote:
When I bought my existing system about 12 years ago, many (or maybe
most) of the non-laptop PC's came with a good sound system that worked
well with the sound card. Mine has a couple of small speakers (one with
the overall volume control), and a nice big subwoofer (that also houses
the amplifier, I think).

My existing system really sounds nice, and I use it a lot for playing
out accompanying chords when I play my fiddle (basically, a homemade
"band-in-a-box"). I was surprised when I recently mailed one of those
wav files over to both a microsoft laptop and a Mac laptop, and the
sound was really bass response at all. So I know I need a
good sound system on any new PC I buy.

But the PC ads I've looked at so far don't seem to say anything about a
sound system being included anymore. What's going on with sound on the
new PC's?

If you are getting rid of you old PC and replacing it with a new one, just
make sure you have a good sound board. I cannot make any recommendations
here as I always get the bottom of the line speakers and a simple sound
board (SoundBlaster). Sound enthusiasts frequently get very fancy sound
boards just as game enthusiasts get very fancy video boards.

You should be able to use your existing speaker system on the new machine.

The main thing is that most new sound boards are PCI and new machines may
have no ISA slots, so you probably will not be able to use your existing
sound card. Also, lately, I have been unable to drive ISA sound boards with
recent versions of Linux. So if your experience is like mine, you will want
a PCI sound card.

Many PCs now days have a sound chip on the motherboard (main do not), and if
your new machine has one, you might as well try it before buying a sound
board. If it is inadequate, get a good enough sound board and plug it into a
spare PCI slot on your new motherboard. Make sure you have such spare slots
on your new machine.

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