Linux DSL Useful Commands and Apps / Newbie progress Day 1

So far, so good. I did install DSL LInux this morning (I had intended
a dual boot with Windows 2000 on my old Pentium machine with 1 GB
primary drive and 2 GB secondary drive, with ~40MB RAM, but, I just
could not get it right and finally threw in the towel and simply
installed DSL to the HD using a installtool that I found on the GUI
desktop, that I think did the same thing as Rick's page "Installing to
the Hard Disk" from the website).

During the installation, I think my bootable drive is hda5 (Type 83
LInux size) while the swap file is hda2 (Type 82), about 75% / 25%
share of the original C: 1GB HD, but I'm not sure the OS is
recognizing the swap file--how would I know?

I am using a very primitive text based (in a primitive GUI shell) file
manager called emelFM v0.9.2--is there something better? I did create
a new directory, but would like more control along the lines of
Windows File Manager (that may be asking for too much however).

And I did set up a user other than 'root' (is this the same as 'home',
root that is?) called DSL. Set up a password too, despite the program
seeming to choke on my password (I just powered through the numerous
false error messages).

So far, so good, because my expectations are very *very* low: I want
a machine that will surf the net on a dialup modem, write a text file
(I got Beaver to do this to my floppy, but much to my chagrin found
that the floppy is not recognized by Windows--forgot this was a
problem but it makes sense--so how do I send a text file to a Windows
user? Probably through the internet), and that's it! No printing. No
sound (but system beeper). Graphics are working fine, 1024
resolution, 16 bit, much to my pleasant surprise (10 years ago, when I
successfully dual booted NT with Redhat 5?, two problems caused be to
abandon Linux Redhat--the floppy could not be easily mounted/
dismounted--I see that's been fixed now to be automatic upon bootup--
and the graphics controller card was hard to configure--maybe because
I had a very cheap video card at the time--but this time it's not a
problem even on this old throwaway machine).

So far, so good, but I need a list of "useful commands" and apps for
Linux DSL (Damn Small LInux), or a faq to the same.

BTW, I am posting from my modern Windows machine now--the Linux one is
not yet connected to the Net.