Re: damaged ext3 or partition table

Tom Forsmo wrote:

By accident I turned off the power of my machine and for some reason it did not do a shut down, it just turned of immediately. It has a 400GB media disk with an ext3 partition (on top of a lvm device) full of data. When I booted it up, I got an error message saying:

"attempt to read block from file system resulted in short read
while checking ext3 journal"

I looked it up on the net and found information saying that the partition table had been corrupted and that it does not match my fstab anymore. When I do a fdisk on the lvm device and print the partition table its completely empty. I dont remember the partition setup anymore, so I dont want to just create a new partition. In ms-dos there used to be a backup partition table some where on the disk, which could be retrieved and inserted into the main partition table if it got corrupted. Is there such a backup partition table on a disk created by linux fdisk? and how do I retrieve the copy? If not does anybody have any other suggestion as to how to fix the problem?



Try this. I have never done it.

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