Re: Partition Size for Ubuntu install?

On Sep 12, 4:48 pm, JamesG <jgra...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was planning on installing Ubuntu 64-bit 8.04.1 on a Home Computer
with 4 GB of RAM soon and wanted to know the opinions on partition
sizes for this install.  I plan on partitioning a 100GB hard drive to
dual boot with Windows XP.  There is currently 68GB free on this
drive.  I was thinking about using 30 GB for the Ubuntu partition.
I have been reading about using a swap partition or swap file and some
sites say to use 2 times the amount of RAM.  This seems outdated to me
for a computer with 4 GB of RAM; I would hope that I hardly ever used
any swap space with this much RAM.  I also was wondering if I really
needed to specify a swap partition at all or if I could just set up a
swap file? (  Since this
is a Home Computer I would think that maybe a swap file of 4GB would
be okay for hibernation purposes?

Thank you for any advice,

Thank you for your replies.
So I did the installation and let Ubuntu pick a default swap partition
size (around 1.5 GB); I doubt that this much will ever be used.
One lesson that I learned during the install was to always use good
CDs when creating the installation discs from the iso image. I had
used an old CD that I had found and during the first installation it
failed (it had been working fine as a LiveCD). So I created another
installation using a newer CD and slower burn rate and it worked fine;
I chose the Manual Partition selection at that point and chose to
reformat and install using the ext3 and linux swap partition that had
been created in the previous failed installation.

Thank you,