Re: WTF is it with ubuntu?

On 2008-10-12, notbob <notbob@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Does this distro work with anything? How the Hell can a distro be so
popular if only works with a limited set of hardware? WTF is THAT hardware?

I'm not a big fan of Ubuntu, but not for the lack of hardware support.
In terms of modern hardware, it's pretty hard to support Ubuntu out of
the box.

I'm a slackware user. Works on every box I've installed it on, from ancient
PIIs to >2MHz cpu platforms (non-dual). Not so, ubuntu. Tried several
versions from 7.x to latest 8.10. Has yet to boot to a functioning OS on
anthing I own.

Well, there are clearly hundreds of thousands (or millions) of
machines running Ubuntu. If you're looking for help troubleshooting
the install problem, specifics would help (as would an Ubuntu-specific
group). If you just want to bitch, I'm sure you'll find others who
dislike it too.

nb ...disgusted

Why so upset? If Slackware is the bee's knees on your hardware, then
don't switch. I prefer Debian to either, although my wife's laptop
runs Xubuntu. Choice is great, and we have many distros to thank for
that, including Ubuntu.

P.S. If you don't own "" it's pretty inconsiderate to be
using it in your Usenet headers. The .invalid moniker exists for a

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