Re: WTF is it with ubuntu?

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On 2008-10-14, notbob <notbob@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2008-10-14, propman <prop_m@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Time to put up or shut up..........list the various makes,models
along with their relevent specs that you have tried installing
ubuntu on.


All meet ubuntu's min reqs and other liveCDs boot jes fine. I even
did the CD test with 8.10. It said CD was fine. Why do other
liveCDs work ok, but not ubuntu? That is the question, not what kind
of h/w I have. I will

How do you expect anyone to answer that question, with no information
on how your systems differ from those that boot perfectly well with

He dosent, he is a slackware shill attempting to start a flame war

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