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russ wrote:

is there a [s]imple way in software to monitor the energy usage of a linux machine? can one monitor fan voltage, cpu/disk voltage and attempt
to try and infer overall computer energy use?

The way I do it, since I do not really care much, is to look at the
indicator lights on my UPS. If you go here, and enlarge the picture, you can
see the lights on the left side of the unit (as you face it).
If they are all off, you are using less than 17% of the power it can supply.
If the bottom one is on, you are using between 17% and 33%
If the bottom two are on, you are using between 33% and 50%
If the bottom three are on, you are using between 50% and 67%
If the bottom four are on, you are using between 67% and 85%
If they are all on, you are using over 85%. Since my unit is rated at 2200
VA, I can easily figure it out.

The lights on the other side are charge in the battery, but they are easier
to remember: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%.

thanks in advance

You could also get a power meter, as has been suggested by another poster. That one would not work for me because my UPS uses a 20Amp plug, and that meter only accepts a 15Amp plug.

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