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Have you installed xscreensaver and played with the
'xscreensaver-command' or 'xscreensaver-demo' commands?

xscreensaver's nice, I had it in my former installation. But I hate
duplicated functionality. Is there a way of uninstalling xfce's screen
saver, or do they use the same guts? Some of the module names are the
same, but I don't think that necessarily means the _files_ are the same.

xfce installs gnome-screensaver. If you uninstall that, it might say
that xfce-desktop will be removed, but that is just a metapackage.

I tried ... gnome-screensaver out, xscreenssaver in. They use the same
data files, so that's good. Something carried in libc6 and synaptic got
hung up on on "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place", so I looked
it up and one of the successful solutions was to install libc6 with apt-get.
Did that, it worked.

xscreensaver-demo won't set the timeout to 1 minute, but it will set it
to 10. I need to find out where the cutoff is. Other than that, it
seems to work. It's much more easily fiddled with, which I like.

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