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I just changed motherboards.  I'm running CentOS.  So of course when I
boot I get some sort of kernel panic.  I cannot seem to find the right
fix.  I've read up on finding the right drivers and all by booting
into rescue and using 'lsmod' and everything, but I am not sure if I'm
doing it correctly.

This is becomming a big problem......

Can anyone help me get this thing up and running please???

Thanks in advance!


First, never let a friend buy your hardware.  I ask him to get me a
new MB and the dork comes back with some FoxConn brand.  Says it is
good because the xbox runs on them???   Have no idea and never used

Anyhow, put the new board in, booted and got a kernel panic/not
syncing error.  I thought that would happen as the drivers for the
controllers have changed.  I followed some steps I found on booting
into rescue mode and rebuilding some initrd good.

Any ideas?  Will I just need to re-install?  My last MB was an ASUS..
Perhaps getting another ASUS is the answer?

Red Hat nash version starting
mkrootdev: label /1 not found
mount: error 2 mounting ext3
mount: error 2 mounting none
switchroot: mount failed: 22
umount /initrd/dev failed: 2
kernel panic - not syncing

It seems to be having trouble mounting the hard drives. Do you have a
live CD?

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I've tried running the CD into rescue mode and followed whatever the
paper I found on how to change the .conf file. No good. I can't
even see in the list which is my disk controller driver......HA!

Anyhow, I'm stumped. I was going to return this FoxConn that was
bought for me and get another Asus if that would help......I really
need to get this thing up.

One thing I am worried about is installing a new install on a new
disk, and finding everything I made customer changes for and getting
them over to the new setup......that will be a pain in the ass, which
is why I am hoping to get this working.....