Re: minimizing disk WRITES - if OS is on CF

Maxwell Lol <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:87r64yfyee.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxx:

Obviously not /tmp and /var, unless you like broken systems.

but in the distributions like 'Live-CD' there is incorporated UnionFS, or its
newer generation aufs, wich overlays read-only copy of these folders with
their writable (initially empty) 'ghosts' that usually seat in the RAM

100,000 writes with wear leveling seems like a lot.

if we allowed carelessly all applications, KDE, Portage and whatsever to
write arbitrarily anything then I presume a flash memory would be worn in
less than just one year of use...

Perhaps someone needs to develop a new file system type.

in the meantime I came acroos this (partial) solution: UnionFS lub aufs

usually it cooperates with reaod-only compression SquashFS

but unfortunatelly incremental writing of modifications to SquashFS is not
we can only *add* new files or folders (append option)
replacing already existing in squashfs single file with its new altered copy
is simply not realizable :(

in such case we have to compress anew whole folders-tree that includes the
file in question