desktop resize, help

Hello all,

I feel really dumb for asking this:

How do I resize my desktop area in order for my entire desktop to fit
on my 16:9 LCD monitor?
What I mean is how to I make my desktop not have unseen areas above
and below the LCD that can only be seen by moving the mouse. It is
very bothersome to me. I am used to windows where the entire desktop
is resized to fit the entire screen size.

None of the different available resolutions I can choose from are 16:9
ratios. When I tried 1600:1200 (I think it was that, I know it was
16XX:XXXX), my screen went all screwy and I needed to plug my old CRT
monitor to see a clear image and consequently be able to reset my
screen resolution. Obviously my LCD monitor could not handle the new
appointed resolution. The resolution that I am currently using is

I downloaded the linux driver for my ATI RADEON 9500 PRO video card,
thinking it should resolve the issue. It installed sucessfully but
when I tried running the ATI catalyst software, the computer
complained about a library (I think it was something like GLIBC
2.?. ). Anyway, I de-installed the new driver after some head-
scratching. I came to the conclusion that there must be something I am
not doing right because, after all, 16:9 monitors have been common for
several years now and as a consequence RHEL 5.1 should be equipped for
an 16:9 screen.

distro: RHEL 5.1 (client)

Any help will be appreciated

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