Re: Publicly accessible directory?

Joyce of Pendle wrote:

Tim Greer wrote:
Joyce of Pendle wrote:

But when I save a file as one user, it is locked against the
other, even in the opened directory. Can I save as a group, or
must I change the permissions of each file when I save it?

What are your umask settings for file creation?

umask is set in /etc/login.defs to 022 - I think I want to change
that (for now, at least) to 000.

Just set it for group read/write/execute (whatever is appropriate). You
probably don't want to have it actually be 000 (that's a bit too open
and shouldn't be necessary).

Check your local profile/bashrc files to edit the setting.

Also, while you can share the same group, it will still create
the file as your default group, so you'll need to use
chgrp shredgrpname /path/to/file
(with the appropriate permissions so both can read, write and/or

I have set each of us (and root) to be members of the other group,
so I think I can postpone trying this until I have spent a few
months reading documentation (in my copious spare time).

For now, I can set directories in home/ to have read-write access
from everyone after each session, with included files. In fact, I
should be able to set each home directory that way?

You're setting world access to home directories? Can you trust all of
the users on the system, including any remote access (if you allow
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