Re: LV's not mounted during boot

Do the volumes get activated during boot process?

Volumes must be activated prior to mount. Usually the volumes are activated
from initial ramdisk by 'lvchange -ay'. Make sure you use LVM-enabled ramdisk.


On Sun, 19 Apr 2009 03:41:34 -0700 (PDT), Bernd <bernd.lentes@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


I have a HP ProLiant ML 350 running with Novell SLES 10 SP2. I have
several partitions using LVM.
These partitions are not mounted during boot. So the system is not
working properly, i have a lot of errors during bootup.
I installed all patches automatically.

When i boot into runlevel 1, mount the partitions manually and type
init 5 afterwards, the systems starts up properly.
/etc/fstab looks good.
I had already one error before. While shutting down the system, the /-
filesystem did not umount properly. I found that the error was an
update of util-linux. I downgrades this package, and umount is working
But the LV's still don't mount while booting.

Thanks for any help.


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