Re: Preventing the kernel from responding to input devices

Tony Houghton wrote:

Is there a way to stop the kernel from responding to certain input
devices? I've got a DVB card with a remote control and the kernel thinks
it's a keyboard, outputting key events on /dev/console, and worse, it
now shuts down if I press the Power button, which has only started
happening recently (since kernel 2.6.29 I think).

The dvb card module probably has a switch to turn off the remote.
Like, as an example,
options saa7134 disable_ir=1
(to place into some modprobe.conf file, depending upon distribution).
A working acpi configuration usually does graceful shutdown after pressing
the power button, if you want to define your own actions you have to change
them in a file you probably find under /etc/acpi.