Re: gOS or Ubuntu 9.04?

On 26 Apr., 18:07, Michael Black <et...@xxxxxx> wrote:
On Sun, 26 Apr 2009, hakf wrote:
Hi all, now the Ubuntu 9.04 has been released, and it looks very
interesting. I'm going to install a new system on my mothers netbook,
and i'm wondering if I should pick the new Ubuntu or gOS, which also
looks good. I know that gOS is build on Ubuntu, but will/has it been
updated with the last 9.04?

If it's a netbook, then why not use whatever came with it?  Since you
are planning to install this new OS, I'm assuming your mother just
wants to use it.  Hence either stick with the Windows that was on it
(if you bought the wrong model) or stick with the Linux that came
with it.  Just because it's likely to be limited or sculpted to the
netbook doesn't mean it's limited for what she may want it for.

Netbooks aren't meant to replace everything, they are intended to
be small enough that people will keep them with them.  But their
resources are limited, so what's installed fits those limits and
for someone who doesn't care whether they are running Linux or Windows,
surely what came on it is fine.


I have used it my self, before, and I installed an unofficial Ubuntu
made just for the series (eee)
because the system, that I bought it with really sucked! And it worked
fine with Ubuntu.
Now I have got a new one, and my mother take it over, and she don't
want all my mess,
so I need a system to format it with, and why not find the best