Re: 'Reverse' ldd ??

Bombadil wrote:

That's it. Right on the money. I don't like unused stuff cluttering
up my system.

I had an incling of why you might want to, but I've not seen any system
so jammed up with unused libraries, etc. that it's going to really save
room. The time it would take to really decide what's safe and
appropriate to move, even with a database showing what binaries might
be looking for it (assuming it won't default to an older or newer one)
could take a lot of time for very little reward.

Of course, I'm not suggesting not doing what you want, for any reason
you want to, but you'll want to check a lot of various files all over
the file system, and that could be huge and annoying to try and tackle.
Usually, if you build from source the right way, or use some package
manager, it'll do all of that for you. Anyway, I guess I needn't say
you should be careful doing these things. I don't really think the
results will be worth the effort, but your situation might be
different. Good luck.