Re: backup commands that handle renaming smarter than rsync? Avoiding data-de-duplication.

On 17 June, 21:44, Rahul <nos...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
James Harris <james.harri...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:ee1de266-d879-

You only mentioned one directory that needed to be changed. Sounds
like your problem may be more involved, though. It's possibly
scriptable but we'd need fuller info to suggest anything else.

Sorry, I meant one dir changed as an example. More generally: a backup
system that figures out "moves or renames of a dir branch". These need not
be replicated on the mirror taking up needless storage. Maybe this is

I think I follow. I have thought of writing a script to do something
similar but haven't done any more than think about it. It seems other
have had similar ideas. Here are some links that might or might not be

In the last link maybe the --fuzzy and --delete-after or --delete-
during may help.

If these don't help I have no other options to offer so here's hoping.


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