Re: Shutting Down Daemons...

Unruh wrote:
T <g4173c@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


.... These scripts have been linked to in the /etc/rc.d/rc5.d
directory with both Kxx and Sxx naming to them. From the command line
they work fine I can start, stop or restart all the daemons. The
problem seems to happen on a system reboot. It doesn't appear to be
calling the daemon script with the stop option. ...


The K scripts are NOT run from runlevel 5 at shutdown. All the scripts in rc5.d are
run at bootup, botht the K and the S. (K first then S). At shutdown run
level 6 is run. So you need the K scripts in that rc6.d directory.

Close. Shutdown is runlevel 0. Reboot is runnlevel 6. Both runlevels
should be mostly K scripts.

As another poster said, you should use chkconfig to maintain the
symbolic links, since you're using a distro that has chkconfig.
chkconfig will make sure the right links go in the right places.

Also does anyone know what's up with Google Groups. I tried a search
for daemon and only one post showed up. I then tried a search for "du"
in the "" group (which I know should return several
hits) and got nothing.

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